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We suggest that you consider purchasing third-party travel insurance to help protect against financial penalties or unforeseen expenses should you need to cancel your travel plans unexpectedly. Travel Insurance is purchased outside of Perkiomen Tours and you may feel free to do so from the provider of your choice. Click the link below to be connected to Travel Safe, a travel insurance provider used by many of our travelers.  By selecting this option, you will be directed to a separate website to consider enrolling in travel insurance programs with an array of benefits.


Click Here to be connected with Travel Safe Insurance.  


Please note: when purchasing Travel Insurance, you will be dealing directly with the insurance provider, including payment and filing claims. You will be making your insurance payment separate from your Perkiomen tour payment. However, for administrative purposes, it is important that you indicate Perkiomen Tours as your agent in the appropriate space on the enrollment form.


If you choose to decline the purchase of optional Travel Insurance, you are assuming any/all risk and take personal responsibility for all costs associated with any loss of or change to your travel arrangements. You are also taking personal responsibility for any/all costs associated with emergencies that might occur throughout your tour/vacation which could result in the total loss of your travel investment and/or require more money to correct the situation. Without insurance there may be no way to recoup any loss that might occur.