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COVID-19 - Moving Forward


Dear Perkiomen Tours friends,


On June 6, 2020, our first motorcoach hit the road again since the middle of March.  This has certainly been an unprecedented and challenging time for all of us.  We have been hearing from many of our valued travelers and sincerely appreciate their desire to start travelling again. 


Although moving forward will be a bit different in some ways, we are prepared to do so in a way that addresses the safety and welfare of our passengers and employees. We have implemented new protective measures to keep our customers and staff happy and healthy. We are ready!


Perkiomen Tours has always taken the safety and welfare of our travelers very seriously. Our commitment to motorcoach cleanliness is a hallmark of our company and is often commented on by our travelers. In response to the recent occurrence of COVID-19, we have added even more steps to our cleaning process. We have also adjusted tour processes where needed to minimize concerns while traveling. 


Here is our current plan to move forward with our tours:


  • We will continue to thoroughly clean each motorcoach when it returns from a trip. Every vehicle begins the next assignment having been cleaned and disinfected.  


  • In addition to routine cleaning, our process now includes mopping the floor and wiping all high-contact areas with an additional disinfecting solution.


  • After the initial cleaning and disinfection, an additional step of sanitizing the motorcoach cabin is performed using a non-toxic, safe, and ecofriendly solution.


  • HVAC filters are now cleaned and disinfected as part of our mechanic’s pre-trip inspection process. If there is any question about a filter’s condition or effectiveness it is replaced. 


  • The HVAC system ducting is disinfected using a fogger prior to each motorcoach leaving our maintenance facility for use on a trip. 


  • We have implemented a daily checklist for our drivers to disinfect/sanitize crucial areas on the coach.


  • Our seat rotation policy on multi-day tours has been suspended.


  • Our driver or tour escort will spray an alcohol-based sanitizer on your hands, each time you enter the motorcoach.


  • The driver’s temperature will be taken and recorded prior to departing our terminal.  If his/her temperature is 100.4 Fahrenheit or greater, he/she will not be permitted to drive, and a replacement driver will be arranged as quickly as possible.


  • The driver will wear a face mask while performing all duties that require him/her to be within 6 feet of passengers. The driver will not wear a facemask while operating the motorcoach.


  • The driver will wash his/her hands or use hand sanitizer frequently throughout the trip. 


  • The driver will limit his/her exposure to sickness by being cautious and sensible throughout the trip.


  • For the time being, the seats closest to the driver will not be used by passengers in order to allow safe distancing between the driver and passengers while on the motorcoach


  • Our touring coaches have 52 seats versus the standard 56 seats that are in most motorcoaches, allowing passengers extra space and legroom. We will limit the maximum number of passengers on each tour allowing some extra space for distancing and for the unexpected. Traveling companions are expected to sit together, just like they share a hotel room and dining table.


Unfortunately, people do occasionally become sick or injured while traveling. Perkiomen Tours has been faced with this for as long as we have been in business. If someone should get sick while on a tour, the situation will be dealt with in a way that will allow the rest of the group to safely continue with the trip as planned.


Passengers are welcome to bring and wear protective equipment. We know traveling is an individual choice and it should be fun, comfortable, and safe. If you are most comfortable wearing a mask, please do. Masks will not be required on the motorcoach. However, some of the places we visit will require masks so be sure to bring one that you are most comfortable wearing.


We are asking that everyone refrain from traveling if you have been sick, or have been exposed to someone who is sick, within 14 days prior to your departure date. Remember, travel insurance is a great way to protect your travel investment.


While a few things have changed for the time being, our goal remains the same…to provide a wonderful travel experience you can enjoy with like-minded people. We hope these measures help put your mind at ease.


We all need to work together and do our part to move forward. As you can see, we are committed to taking preventive measures for you and our staff, but the responsibility of your wellbeing is ultimately yours.


Please contact us if you have any questions.


We hope to see you soon!