Motorcoach Tours

The value of Perkiomen’s motorcoach vacation program continues to be recognized by thousands of people each year. The services we provide go far beyond visiting a destination. There are many benefits to traveling by motorcoach, some of which often go unrecognized at first.

We do the driving. You are free of the hassles of traffic, maps, parking, distractions and responsibilities.  What good is it to drive through beautiful mountains, scenic deserts, picturesque cities and charming villages of our great country if your entire view is a broken white line and the bumper of the vehicle ahead of you?  In a motorcoach, the panoramic windows let you enjoy the scenery the entire time you are on the road.

Experience things you might have missed.  Our tour planners include not only the well known sights and attractions.  We also plan visits to interesting, lesser known places that you might miss if not with our group.   

Sit back and relax. Getting there can be part of the excitement. Have fun, make some new friends, read a book…now you can even watch a movie or surf the web on our coaches!  Travel time is a pleasure when you are on one of our touring motorcoaches.

Convenience.  When you consider everything you get, there is no substitute for the tremendous convenience of group travel. Think about it…all you have to do is choose a tour and we do the rest. Every detail of the planning, research, itinerary, reservations, etc involved with your vacation is done by our staff. We even handle your luggage!

Conserve gas and go “green”.  Motorcoaches are part of America’s energy solution. Did you know that a motorcoach provides 184 passenger mile per gallon of fuel and is, on average, 6 times more energy and fuel efficient than single occupancy vehicles? 

If you have never traveled by motorcoach, or at least not in a number of years, we have a treat in store for you.  You will find many wonderful destinations to choose from within this website.  All you need to do is decide where you want to go. We’ll take it from there.