Mummer's Fancy Brigade


Quick Overview

Mummers Fancy Brigade
Philadelphia, PA
Monday, January 1, 2018

The Mummers are as much a part of New Year's in Philadelphia as confetti celebrations, countdowns and resolutions. Like clockwork, on January 1, Mummers parade through the city streets in sequins, beads and colorful plumage, strutting and playing the day away. There are Comics, clowns and the like; the Fancies, pulling floats; and the String Bands, who make their own musical fanfare. And then there are the Fancy Brigades, who put their own spin on a time-honored Mummers tradition by taking their revelry inside the Philadelphia Convention Center. The most theatrical of the bunch, the 12 Fancy Brigade clubs get into character with lavish costumes, elaborate floats and props, then take center stage to perform Broadway-quality choreographed skits.