Air Tours & Cruises

More and more people are choosing the convenience, safety and value of traveling on Perkiomen’s Air Tours and Cruises. Whether you are a solo traveler of prefer to travel with family or friends, we make it easy for you to reserve one seat or multiple seats on any of these great vacations.


Air Tours. Fly coast to coast or around the globe with Perkiomen…exploring the greatest parts of North America or the hottest spots around the world.


Each year we include several air tours to various parts of North America.  So if you’ve always wanted to experience the beauty of our National Parks or the chance to take in the sites of places like California or Hawaii - you can experience it with Perkiomen.


If you’ve been dreaming of the romance and history, amazing landscapes and intriguing cultures of points around the globe – you may find what you are dreaming of on one of Perkiomen’s

international air tours.


Cruises. Cruising has become a fun and economical way to vacation for all age groups. Many people believe that cruising is unlike any other type of vacation. Perkiomen makes some of the world’s most desirable destinations available to you.


Whether you are planning your first cruise or your tenth Perkiomen makes it easy for you to experience a vacation that is far beyond the ordinary.